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We care – we unite – we empower

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We care, we unite, we empower

We believe that SQUADRON, together with its customers and members, can move towards a bright future in which the manufacturing industry will continue to flourish. We believe companies will be ready for the future if they organise themselves agile by optimising their business in terms of data, processes, people & product. Our common goal is to cope with the numerous challenges that are crossing our path ever faster. We help companies get through tough times.

we care

Our customers are unique. No two production processes are the same, which is why we make time to get to know our customers and their specific business before going any further. A good connection is essential for optimal cooperation. We dig deep until we have the most complete picture possible to provide tailor-made advice. We always start from the customer’s needs and immerse ourselves in the business to understand the underlying processes and propose the most suitable technological solution.

We care about the planet. When working on projects, we keep sustainability in mind. Will this provide a good long-term solution for the customer? Will this solution fit well with the existing processes, future vision and strategy? Is it feasible and accessible to employees? Will it harm the planet? We go to great lengths to find the very best solution for our client’s needs.

At SQUADRON, members are all unique and authentic people of indispensable value within the community. We care about our members, their mental health and their personal and professional development. That is why we do everything we can to stimulate and challenge our members. They are given room to experiment and expand or deepen their expertise. At SQUADRON, members always have access to support & coaching to achieve their goals.

we unite

In the work we do, it is crucial to connect with both the customer and its employees. The success of the implementation depends heavily on the people in the company. We, therefore, do everything we can to get everyone on the same bandwagon so that solutions are implemented sustainably. If you can convince the employee of the added value of the solution, it will have a better chance of standing the test of time and being fully implemented.

SQUADRON is first and foremost a community made up of diverse experts from different backgrounds. We all share a passion for technology and the future. One member’s eyes shine when developing a software application, and another is a data geek who prefers to experiment with the possibilities of the MS Power Platform.

Besides the technical experts, we also work with business analysts who have a broad knowledge of process flows and who shape digital change. Thanks to our shared interest, we form a close-knit community that is always looking for the latest news in our profession.

On a monthly basis, a community meeting is organised where all SQUADRON members get together to share experiences, update each other on current issues or just have a casual chat. Thus, our customers enjoy the collective knowledge of the community. Our SQUADRON members are never alone. Often, during community meetings, an external expert is invited on a topic that closely matches the members’ personal or professional interests and ambitions. If not, someone from the community will bring in a topic. Together, we explore numerous topics from different views and angles to arrive at more all-around solutions and insights.

we empower

We provide our customers with tools that make their lives easier. Together with our customers, we go through the entire internal process, and during this process, we keep our eyes open for opportunities that can improve efficiency, speed, and quality within the company. This is how we empower our customers to sustainably get more out of their business, considering their goals, ambitions and people.

We empower our members. We give our members every opportunity to develop themselves further. Whenever a member comes up with an idea, we are always ready to examine it further in terms of usability and feasibility. Our values also support this sentiment: Positivity – Trust – Engagement – Ethical Intrapreneurship – Personal Development. We make sure that members can always follow training on topics that interest them or when they want to broaden or deepen their expertise. Everything is possible!

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