Why do we spend so much time on our values and the accompanying charter? simple, they are important because they are what we want to grow into in the future and they are strongly linked to where we want to go in the future. To achieve this, we set up a charter that was designed and signed by every Squadron member.

What is a charter?

Our charter, a written document, was drawn up in consultation with all members. It’s our moral code, a statement of intent for each of us and a guideline for when we are faced with difficult issues. They provide guidance when necessary.

Why a charter?

The Squadron values were established from the very beginning. However, we found it necessary to translate the values into intentions and concise goals which we strive for for ourselves and for our clients. They are an extension of our 5 values. In this way, there are no doubts about how the values can be expressed daily.

What’s in the Squadron charter?

  1. We service our customers

    We are always an independant and objective partner where the focus lies on value creation with a clear return-on-investment for our customers. We always look for the best long term solution. We want to enter a sustainable partnership that creates a win-win for both parties.

  2. We own the project

    We take full ownership of the assignment and get the most out of it. We work carefully and have respect for the available resources and when taking risks. We like to step out of our comfort zone and challenge our clients to do the same.

  3. We do things right

    We build a relationship of trust and communicate in an open and clear way. All stakeholders are continuously kept informed. We do what we say.

  4. We encourage to speak up

    As we strongly believe in open, clear, and positive communication, we expect the same from our customers. Anything can and may be mentioned if it is done respectfully and in a constructive way. We look for opportunities ourselves, take the initiative when we see potential and challenge the status quo.

  5. We lead by example

    We are strongly aware of our role model function inside and outside the workplace to achieve maximum impact. . Therefore, we strictly adhere to safety measures, quality standards and working hours applicable to the customer.

  6. We are the community

    Squadron members are never alone. Due to a duo operation, there is a true sharing of knowledge and optimal synergy between the various areas of expertise. Everyone is an ambassador and is actively involved in our community moments. This way, we always achieve the maximum result for our clients.

  7. We share, because we care

    Sharing knowledge is power! We inspire each other and customers by sharing successes, experiences, and training.

Because of our charter, we get the best out of ourselves, our customers, and all stakeholders. We do not work for a client but collaborate towards a common goal. Together we will always get further than alone. In the middle of the Squadron HQ, we’ve hung our charter and it’s signed by all members. It serves as a daily reminder of our values and what we stand for.

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