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Meet the Member: Patrick

Patrick has been part of the SQUADRON community for a while now. Within the community, he is regarded as the old hand in the business. If you really have nowhere left to go, go to Patrick and you will be back on track in no time. He is working within the Motionminds team as Automation engineering. But what exactly does that entail?

As an Automation Engineer, what exactly do you do?

“We are deployed to relieve the customer from A to Z so that his production machines and production process works and keeps working. We always start from the challenge the customer is facing. We usually start by assisting or investigating new possibilities within the automation of the production process. This can start with drawing up specifications, consulting potential suppliers and monitoring the implementation by a third party. In the transition phase, we often support the maintenance team in tackling interventions. We then take on issues together, with SQUADRON acting as an advisor. To provide the customer with more data and information, our tasks also include linking software and hardware to machines. Our motto is always to make the customer’s production run as smoothly as possible and to create added value for the customer”, Patrick says.

He calls on a whole range of disciplines daily:

  • Project follow-up
  • Data capturing and production reporting
  • Mechanical design involving generating principles and ideas, making calculations and drawings
  • Electrical design
  • Writing software for both PLC (programmable logic controller) and PC
  • Making connections between machines

What are you currently working?

“I am currently delivering a production line with welding automation for one of our customers. I’m doing project follow-up, technical support for the entire project and I am also responsible for other things like production acceptance testing. In another project, I am working on data capturing where we start from an undocumented situation and work towards a documented situation with SCADA visualisation.

What does a typical day as an Automation Engineer look like?

Patrick: “Every day’s unique. If you have to assist with acute problems, it is difficult to plan your day ahead. You never know what will come your way. The variety keeps it exciting because there is no possibility of getting stuck in a rut. Needless to say, being flexible is important in this job. “

“When you are working on a project, the day is also very varied as several disciplines are involved. One day you’re working mechanically and the next day rather electrically to finally make everything work together nicely via the software you designed with the team,” says Patrick.

As an automation engineer, your goal with customers is twofold: you support investment projects and often work curatively as well as preventively. Patrick adds: “Both can only be brought to a successful conclusion if, as an automation engineer, you can fully empathise with the customer’s production process. “

Why did you choose Squadron?

“I have been here from the first moment. I was very driven and eager to tackle something news. In addition, with my years of experience, I was quite keen to take on a challenge where I can further transfer all that knowledge” Patrick says. “Meanwhile, I ended up in a young team where, when they can’t see a solution, they turn to me as a last resort. “

“Besides that, we get real challenges at SQUADRON. It is only when all other options and parties have been exhausted that you definitely come to us. We gladly accept the challenge and provide a complete solution.”

How would you describe the Motionminds team?

“We’re a very proud team with a great atmosphere. One of our absolute strengths is that we are very mixed in terms of knowledge, age, and interests. They are all great colleagues, each with their own strengths. Together, we form a close-knit bunch that strives for one goal: customer satisfaction. There are no individual strivers, we only get there when we combine our collective knowledge. Our customers can therefore benefit from the knowledge of the entire team”, says Patrick.

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