What does a day look like as a Digital Engineer at Squadron?

“Very varied! I’m a bridge between our customers and the technical team that is coding from Skopje,” says Nele. She receives input from key users of the programme and puts this into an action plan, which she then communicates to the development team. Every day, a stand-up scrum meeting is organised to see how the projects are going and to adjust course when anyone gets stuck. Thanks to these short meetings, the entire team is fully up to date and progress can be made quickly.

How do you make a difference for your clients?

“I like challenging assignments. Life is more fun when faced with a challenge here and there, isn’t it? I love being able to go to a customer and take a fresh, independent look at the internal processes to see where we can optimise and digitise. As an external person, it is easier to point things out and you can set things in motion more quickly that the customer can do so himself.” Nele testifies.

Why did you choose Squadron?

It was immediately clear that the avariation and the challenging projects were important factors in her choice to become a Squadron member. The fact that Nele likes to leave a lasting impact and wants to make a difference for companies motivated her choice. . “At Squadron we always go for projects with impact. Of course, this requires a lot of expertise. Fortunately, we get every opportunity when we want to delve deeper into a certain topic. For example, I obtained the black belt in Lean Six Sigma and will soon start a project management training. During the monthly community meetings there are always interesting topics that you would not immediately think of, such as a workshop on group dynamics. Thanks to working in pairs, a member is never alone. Thanks to the collective knowledge of the members, we can easily exchange knowledge and the customer enjoys the knowledge and experience of the entire community.”

“Personally, I alsostrongly care for the West and East Flemish manufacturing industry , so I want to do everything in my power to keep them here as much as possible! If that can be done by optimising their internal operations and realising growth, then I’m happy to do so,” it sounds. “At Squadron you are also at the wheel of your own career: you get the chance to deepen or expand your expertise and you have a full team of experts at your disposal. How convenient is that!”

No Squadron member is the same!

Nele is firmly convinced of this: there is not one typical SQUADRON member. Each member is unique in his/her expertise, background, experience and talents. “Some members are process oriented, others rather digital or machine-technology minded.” Nele continues: “So we have many colours and that’s the beauty of it, I think. When sourcing people for projects, we consciously think about which duo will bring the most complete pallet of skills and expertise for that specific customer or project. This way, a synergetic collaboration is set up with the customer. Of course, there are values that we all hold dear: a strong affinity for entrepreneurship, personal development, and cooperation (with each other and the customer). We take ownership of the client’s goal and will not let go until we achieve it.”

What distinguishes Squadron from other technology companies?

Nele: “In Squadron we approach everything from the angle that the humanaspect is just as decisive as the technology or the business process. Technology alone is not enough. As a company you only make progress when the pieces of the puzzle people – technology – process come together. That is where the real decisive improvement potential lies. As a member, you therefore take all three of these aspects into account: What is the optimal process? Which technology can make this possible? Do we have the people with us?”.

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