Meet the Squadron member Filip




Meet the Member: Filip

It’s about time we introduced you to one of our members from Skopje, North Macedonia. Filip is a senior developer with Eminds who joined us at the start of 2020. He quickly became a key member of the team and as you’ll be able to tell, loves the Belgian culture. But what does a day in the life of a senior developer look like?

“We like to start our day together by having a cup of coffee and indulging in some small talk. No rush, here we make time for each other and to get to know each other. Afterwards we get started with a daily meeting in which we talk about our projects, the status, potential issues and then we get started. We work according to the Scrum principle, so on Fridays we do a sprint meeting, often followed by a retrospective meeting about the sprint”, Filip tells us.

“As a senior at Eminds, I’m mostly working on complex problems and solving them as fast as possible.” Other than that, I’m sharing knowledge with the colleagues, assisting when colleagues run into issues and of course I also do a lot of programming. “


“I’ve already been in the IT industry for some years now. I like that changes daily, every day there’s something new to learn about. With my previous employer, I was learning a lot about switching from monoliths to microservice architecture”. Filip adds: “Implementing the latest trends in technology, that’s why I do what I do.”


“SQUADRON truly is people-oriented. It’s not something they just say, SQUADRON means it. And they’re all about putting words into action” Filip testifies. “Even when the Eminds team had a very busy couple of months with a migration project and tight deadlines, management recognised it and they even surprised us with an additional 5 days of time off. It allowed us to properly regather our strength and hit it with full force ahead after the holidays.” Our team was also invited to visit the offices in Belgium (Waregem) where we got to join our very first community meeting with all members of both countries together. That way we could explore Belgium a bit too.

Filip says “Mid July we even organised our very first own community meeting in Skopje. We would already occasionally have a drink after work with colleagues, but the community meetings are perfect for brainstorms, being creative and being challenged.“
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“Here you get the chance to work with new technology and when you have an idea, they’re glad to listen to you. Most of the time, you can just move forward and start executing that idea. They really trust in the expertise of all members”, Filip replies.

“This is the first company I work for where there’s no space to get bored. There’s always something to do or new things to explore. The fact that I started working for a Belgian company was a nice surplus as I’m a beerlover and Belgium is internationally renowned for their beer culture. Being able to visit, only makes it that more exciting!

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Have a look at our job openings or contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are always open to meeting new people and seeing how we can help each other.

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