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Meet the Member: Ann

Meet Ann. She has been part of Eminds, the business unit within Squadron that specialises in digitalisation, from day one. Ann gets a lot of satisfaction from creating tailor-made solutions and having a close connection with the customer. She enjoys learning every day and with the continuous stream of new developments and innovations from Microsoft Power Platform, there is certainly no shortage of that! But what exactly does a job as a Digital Engineer at Squadron entail?

Being a Digital Engineer at Squadron, what does that entail?

“My job is actually twofold: on the one hand, I function as a support for the customers where we have already implemented solutions. If an extension is needed for an app or if the connection with an external machine is not optimal, I guide the customer to the solution. On the other hand, I’m also working on new projects,” says Ann. The new projects are very precious to Ann. She is certified in Microsoft Power Platform and works on personalised Power Apps and Power Automate flows that process the business logic in the background via automated flows. For example, when a new order is placed, the system automatically checks whether there is sufficient stock, sends automatic e-mails, analyses the data, etc. The possibilities are endless. Thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform, Eminds can develop personalized apps that perfectly fit your business process, fast and at a low cost. “You learn something new every day when you work with Microsoft Power Platform. Every day there are new developments and evolutions within the Platform, there is always something new to learn” Ann testifies.

“During the first corona wave in 2020, I developed a QURA app. It turned out to be a good basis for further development and personalisation for our customers. Since then, my focus has shifted slightly from support to working on the Power Apps. They offer a lot of possibilities and that makes it very challenging and interesting! testifies Ann. “Furthermore, I also work in duo with Christophe, another member of Eminds, and we collaborate with the development team in Skopje, Macedonia for writing code. There is no shortage of variation!”

What does a typical day as a Digital Engineer look like at Squadron?

“Every day is different as a Digital Engineer. You just go with the flow. You wait and see what kind of requests come in from customers. In addition, I regularly sit down with Christophe to discuss ongoing projects and to ensure that we are all working in the same direction.” Ann is also often in contact with the other experts within Eminds for numerous other projects. This way, the Eminds customers benefit from the expertise of the entire team.

“Working on a tailor-made solution for the client, seeing the app being developed from scratch and the app actually been used on the shop floor: that’s what really gives me satisfaction. Being able to respond quickly to the client’s needs, being flexible even when circumstances change, and at the end of the day offer the customer a ready-made answer to his question, that’s what it’s all about.”

What projects are you currently working on and what does the future hold?

I have just written a programme for a major client for their5s story. In this project, we optimised their production processes and made sure they run as efficiently as possible through 5 steps (each starting with an S – what’s in a name!). The final step is to make the entire process sustainable. To facilitate this, we have written an app so that audits can take place digitally and thus also indicate in which zones which audits have already taken place and what the remarks are. The next thing on the agenda is to write an app for a company that is active in vehicle rental. When renting out a product, they must check several aspects of the product before drawing up the contract and they also carry out a re-entrance and exit check on the product. Thanks to the app, they can easily go through the whole process, add photos and video if there is any damage…

What, in your opinion, is Squadron’s greatest strength?

“Digital transformation is not just replacing a process on paper with a programme” says Ann. “We have to take a close look at the entire process and see what we can optimise. If an app is part of that, great! But we will never propose an app before we have thoroughly looked at the problem definition and all possible solutions. If you do this anyway, then you put a lot of hours into developing a personalised app, only to find that it has no support on the shop floor. An app must be launched in the right context with a clear objective. Fortunately, we often have someone on our client’s shop floor who can do this. That person explains the app in the bigger context of things, provides necessary guidance and is accessible for questions.” We often get asked by our fellow Squadron members to work out a particular app. They know what is going on in the companies they work for and have a good understanding of what Digital Engineers can do. They are the perfect link to ensure that the best possible solution possible is integrated.

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