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Community meetings

Squadron organises monthly community meetings with all members. These community meetings obviously have more than one purpose.

Bringing all Squadron members together and letting them share knowledge is central during community meetings, as is involving them in the search for solutions. In addition, the community meetings ensure more involvement within the team and we emphasise that the team is more than the individual members. But you could probably already have guessed that.

But at Squadron we go the extra mile! During the community meetings, we put our words into action and truly put our values into practice.

Ethical intrapreneurship is stimulated by working on a business, as a team, from start to finish. From idea to prototype to a real product. This of course contributes to the personal development of our members: in the business case, product design, sales, marketing, finance, operations, IT… in short, all facets of a company are addressed.

Fortunately, the engagement is also strengthened: we only work with business ideas that are inspired by ‘social profit’.

This way, through the community meetings and while learning ourselves, we also want to realise a positive impact on our society.

Where do these ideas come from? From our members themselves, of course!

What do they lead up to… well… you’ll have to come pay us a visit to find out!😉

We care – we unite – we empower

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